Boonie Barton

Now here I am. Yippiee, for a long time didn't update anything to this blog. I just found a new role model she is Bonnie Barton. When i was trying the best style for me according to my college later. Teen Vogue gimme the way there I see Bonnie Barton with her style and I love it so much. Furthermore I go to her blog Flashes Of Style. This is some pic i got from there:

And here I have a short description about her, also I got from her blog : 
"I am a twenty-two year old gal who is obsessed with all things pretty and all things
vintage. A recent college grad who can't stay in one place for too long and currently living in
beautiful Philadelphia. I find inspiration anywhere from a pretty table cloth to Vogue.
Keep your eyes wide open and you never know what you may come across."

With love


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