Letter To Mauricio Moreno

Hari ini rencananya gue mau ngedelete semua file-file nggak penting di Reddy (notebook gue warnanya merah, jadi gue kasih nama Reddy) gue. Dia udah terlalu lemot. Buat ngidupin aja butuh bermenit-menit, bahkan kalo gue lagi kumat nggak sabarannya bisa berjam-jam Reddy nggak idup-idup dan akhirnya kesabaran gue abis trus gue matiin sekalian. Gagal ngapa-ngapain deh kalo udah gitu. Jadi kenapa nggak gue install ulang aja, karena buat beli yang baru gue belum mampu.

Langkah awal ialah memilah-milah mana aja yang harus didelete, yang boleh didelete, dan yang jangan di delete. Di tumpukan file gue nemu ini:

Senior High School Number 2 Sekayu
Musi Banyuasin region
South Sumatera, Indonesia
Dear friend,
My name is Annisa Dewi, and I’m sixteen years old. Now I’m senior at SMAN 2 Sekayu, I’m eleventh grade. In Indonesia, program study divided into two, Science and Social. I chose science, coz I love Biology much but I don’t have planning to be a doctor actually I hate hospital and smell of medicine. I love history too. I have many problem with math. Math is the most amazing thing in my life coz I believe math is impossible for me to understand it. My math mark never can pass the minimum point. I don’t know why, I’m just like an idiot girl when I face math. My school have minimum point 75 for all subject, if student can’t pass this point, means that student must do the test once more. For science class there is 14 subject, math, bio, chemistry, physic, sport, art, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Japanese, Islam religion, civic, history, geography, and ICT. In a day we learn about five until six subject, each subject is about two hour.
I go to school at 6:00 AM and back at 4:30 PM one day full. Monday until Friday we just learn and learn, but Saturday we have another activities. In the morning we do physical exercise  together at the yard. After that we just go to our Eschol and I join in traditional dance class. Saturday we back at 1:00 PM and after that I go to swimming pool with my gang. Me, Nanda, Thifah, and Eka. Sunday I’ve just stay at home or go to school to do homework together with my friend. Before I end my day usually I play basketball.
 Last 30th  February   I move to dormitory. So now I live with my four friend in a small room in dorm. They are Athifah, Ajeng, and Intan. You know Ajeng and Intan in lazy person so everyday me and Athifah must clean the room although they always make the room become tiny. Athifah is my classmate. Ajeng and Intan is from other class.
I was born and life in Sumatera although my parents come from Java. My father’s name is Zawawi, my mom Maryam. I have six siblings. Five sisters, and two brothers. They are, Fathimah (female), Uswatun (f), Umi (f), Rohmat (male), Nanny (f), and Bagus (m) and last child is me. Sorry I can’t wrote one by one about them it need about ten page of paper maybe.
When I was child, elementary school, and junior high school I life with my parents. But when I am in senior high school I life with my second sister Uswatun. I life in sumatera, one of big island in Indonesia. Exactly in Palembang, South Sumatera. Ampera in famous bridge in Palembang, this bridge cross Musi river. favorite food from Palembang is Pempek. Pempek made by fish and flour, couple of pempek is Cuka. Cuka made by chili, it has very hot taste.
I feel joy when I read. My favorite is comics, especially detective comics like Conan, and Dan detective school or DDS. But novel and short story also interested me, sometimes I write a story but I don’t think that is good enough. I listen pop and rock. I love Justin Bieber, Owl City, Taylor Swift, David Archuleta, and Linkin Park. I watch Doraemon and Sinchan every Sunday, Spongebob Squarepants  is also my favorite cartoon. Although I am sixteen years old, most I do like I am child but  I enjoy it.
On march my class have English drama project, its tell about narrative. But we have not decided about the script until now. Because there is two choices, between Boys Before Flower (asian drama) and fairy tale. And the script not finish yet.
I think I have write all about me. I hope you  enjoyed reading this letter. I hope you write back, and tell all about you. Hope to hear you soon.
You can add me on face book or send me email on dannisa78@yahoo.co.id or follow  me on twitter @An_Nisa
Oh ya I have portrait poem, I hope from this poem you will know more about me.

I am Annisa
Little girl, childish, lazy and little crazy
Sister of Nanny
Lover of chocolate, cartoon, comics and music
Who feels bad on math, amazing among my family, and glad when together with      best friend
Who needs place, space, and chance
Who gives smile, happiness, and all I have
Who fears deep of sea, lonely, and darkness
Who would like to see everyone care with me
Resident of SMAN 2 Sekayu’s dorm

Annisa Dewi

Dan dari surat abal-abal gue buat Mauricio Moreno diatas, ternyata gue pindahan ke asrama tuh 30 Februari 2011. Surat diatas  dibuat tanggal 18 Februari 2011. Dan username twitter gue masih @An_Nisa. 
Well English gue masih abal-abal banget kan? Sampe sekarang sih :|