New skecthbook means new future for me

i really can't handle my self if it comes to drawing. yep i just bought one sketchbook from marka sketchnote. its B5 size. actually i dont really know how big this size was. i tougtht its like A5 but sincerely its bigger. sigh.

well my project on  this skecthbook is to skecth jogja. this will be my 2016 resolution bwahahaha. and also my 2016 resolution is to improve and improve my ability in writing english. just like now, im practicing.

later my wish list is pigma micron manga set, and koi watercolor. its really expensive for me. :( but im trying on them. because you know, i cant really control my self when it comes to drawing. im out of control. :(

as my birthday will coming soon (on january 25th) i hope there will be an angel who give me that present. bwahaha. hope is hope, right?

will upload an update my skecthbook soon. ya. thank you :*

wish me luck in this chalenge i made my self.

you! dont even brave to laugh to my english. better you correct me if there was a mistake. once again. thank you :)