New sakura koi watercolor i've really wanted

i told you in my las post that i really want sakura koi watercolor. actually i want winsor and newton cotman watercolor, but my money doesn't support it. bak to sakura koi watercolor, finally i get it! yep after surpressing me on a deep think condition, i decided to buy it.

first i choose to buy at toko merah, but they dont have the 12 size and the 18 size was to expensive for me. i can't wait a little longer, so i went to gramedia. yes they have the 12 size, but that was more expensive than the one i look on online shop. its about Rp.14.000,00 more expensive.

happily the online shop based in yogyakarta. so dont need to pay ongkir. we did cod. and yes, here they are, my precious sakura koi watercolor 12 size. will use soon.

no picture yet. i'll upload it soon, too.

#verysorryaboutmyenglish #butineedtopracticeandpractice