2016 was a nano-nano year for me. i experinced a lot, about love, studying, money, family, friends. things keep come and go. they've changed for i don't know the reason. or perhaps its me who changed? i can't decided it either.

but i've learn a lot this year. i consider things and i wants to be a better person next year (i mean 2017) and for the rest of my life.

i want to bring some memory back about 2016. and to make it easier i'll sumarize month by month: here it is:


is my month. yep i was born in january 22th years ago. my zodiak was aquarius and i love swimming as well. no, this isn't what im going to tell you.
in january 2016, i moved to Semarang, specifically in Ungaran. i went to Coca-cola to complete my apprenticeships program. it was a full month. i experienced a lot of new things, such as i got my private lodge room. it was a nice room, i have one big size spring bed and it's so pillowy, one bathroom in my room, a big cupboard, and a small yet so amusing tv. that's all my private things that i don't need to share to anyone because im a lodger now. you must now first that in jogja  used to live in dormitory. 
i met new people and friends. Coca-cola employee was nice too, especially they're who work in quality assurance laboratory. almost my apprenticeships friends is my junior, they're from soegijapranoto semarang and high school student from kudus. also i met some student from engineering faculty, they're all female, i can  date no one. over time i became closed to rike, high school student from kudus. just like me, she went to coca-cola alone. and we love to watch naruto, and some other animes. we even watched during the apprenticeships day. hahaha. of course with permission of pak Anu, waste water worker.
that was one year ago, and the fact is untill now, i haven't sent my apprenticeships report to them. what a shame. :(


people called this is month of love. and yes i got love. at the end of month someone proposed me to be his girlfriend, and uncertainly i said yes. it was a very short relationship. over two weeks i broke up our relationship.
he was a nice guy. he got so many flaws and excellence too. i  thought i can't accept his flaws so we broke up. but i didn't tell him. it will hurt him so much. as i consider that we are no longer suitable i wont keep our realtionship longer. becuase it will hurts both of us in the end. so better end it as soon. but we still a friend that time, untill something happen... i wont talk to him, like i used to in the past.


in this month i began my reasearch. i took my sample in madu baru sugar factories. i learn things to do in laboratory. i make some experiment trial and error.


im busy isolating bacteria from sugarcane leave and stem. i worked overtime, even on weekend. my life was full of making medium, extracting, and inoculating. i waited untill two weeks to record my bacteria growth and presence.
instead of reading journals, i read (not) so many novel. i love eka kurniawan books. i even met him! and got his sign in my books. hahaha.
i got new phone. actually secondhand phone from my nephew. 


i got new hobbies, mug painting, and cross stitching. and of course i love to draw and draw. i bought so many art supplies, watercolor, pencils, papers, eraser, etc.
my friend graduated. and i keep thinking, when is my turn?
i taught one six grade student that will face exam. his a polite so stay still boy. so i got no matter from him. his mom is nice too, she made me a cup of hot tea whenever i came to teach his son. sometimes she gave me cake and even money. sometime, i gave her son snacks and chocolate. im happy because i can earn money by myself.


ramadhan kareem. lovely month. me and my friend did a diet program which not allowed us to eat rice. so we just eat oatmeal vegetable and fruits. amazingly, we did it in twenty days! no rice in twenty days! what an achievement! but sadly i only lose weight about 3 or 4 kg. :(


i spent my ied fitri days in kutoarjo with my parents. none of my sisters and brothers from palembang came this year. luckily  my cousin came for few days and we spent holiday together.


me and my friend unite and built up a corporation called whatever flower. you can check our instagram: @wtvrflwr.
i was busy with my bussines and for a few time forget my research. and i travel to some place with high school friend. help him studying photography, and i became a model. wakakak.


my roomate get married, so we came to jepara to her receptrion and make a good wish for her and her new family. then i think. when is my turn?


i was busy with inktober. i try ro draw everyday. finally i did it. i draw 31 masterpiece drawing in ink.
my bestfriend came from palembang and jakarta and i spent a nice escaping-laboratory-holiday with them. thanks to them.


im still busy drawing. and lab-ing, of course.
i did draw me nisa challenge on instagram, but sadly i can't draw all of the participant (my friends). because im busy arranging seminar kelas proposal and KL report. i promise to do it when im graduated.


i realized that its one year already since i got my desk in laboratory, but i gained nothing for my reserach. i must be cautious.

thats all the summary of events come up in 2016.

i hope 2017 a better day, and i wants to be a better person.

my wish in this year, i can graduate on may, i want to pass ielts test with score 8.5 in september. upcoming wishes will be write later.

thank you. 

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