I just read the book titled The Little Prince. Before I read this book I have watched the movie. And after I read this book I realized that the book and the movie was so different. From the contain is not too much differences but the way they tell us the story is different. I understand, maybe a bit hard to keep as the way the book tells us the story in the movie. But maybe there are another reason too.
Usually I read the book first before the story, so I have an expectation how the movie should be. But in this case when I watched the movie I have no expectation, and just let the movie filled me. The when come to the book, yes the story is great. And I loved the book much more than the movie. When I read the book some knowledge about the situation I take it from the movie, helps me to imagine the book. Its not bad.
Why I loved the book more than the movie is, I can feel it more. The book touched me more than the movie. I got a lot that I didn’t get when I watched the movie, from the book. Like I got the message from the writer right in to me.
Something I didn’t know from the movie, I got in the book. Like the feeling of the pilot to the little prince is more described here. The more touched part is when little prince said good bye to the pilot. They were so sad and happy at the same time. So sad because they got to separate, happy because even they are separated they can see each other through the stars.
Another very touched part is the friendship that little prince made with the fox. And the secret the fox gave to little prince is the most meaning word to understand the world: . also when we menjinakkan sesuatu then that something become the only one for us and so us for them. In this case the fox and little prince.
And also the rose. The love of little prince. She menjinakkan little prince so she is the one to him, and so he is the one for her. Little prince will always listens to her, event her silence. That’s the meaning of memiliki.
Pelajaran that I take from thic book is, never left your lover away. Because you will missed them so much. Apalagi kalua mereka terlalu lemah. You will mengkhawatiran mereka. And the most membahayakan thing is when you can never came back, you will nees pertolongan ular berbisa to back home.
And again sesuatu yang kita miliki akan menjadi sangat berharga ketika kita tidak lagi memilikinya.

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