im not a serious k-pop-er you know. last time i watched k-pop is about 6 to 7 years ago when i was in high school. i watch them cuz my friend did. now BTS come to my life, and i'm instantly fell in love with them!

it started couple days ago when i started studying for SKD (Seleksi Kompetensi Dasar) to become a civil servant. i did watch them in my break time. i heard to their song, almost every day. i even watched their daily life!

actually i knew them for long ago, my friend is a fan. they frequently appeared in my twitter timeline too. but i just ignored them, till i searched about Jeon Jung Kook. one of their member, which is so incredibly handsome and adorably cute.

out of seven BTS's member, i heard about jungkook the most. and i think it was him, who made me fell in love with BTS. or maybe its because ikram who always talked about them, and even made some meme and photo imitation like this:

sesudah jumatan vs sebelum jumatan 

which is so nggak tau diri. see his tweets here!

back to BTS!

DNA was their first video that i watched. at first, i wasnt so impressed to their music. they looked just like another korean boy bands. then i just focused on watching everything about jungkook, cuz i was curious about who is he? after i wathced several video, i definitely fell on him. he is handsome-and-hot-just-look-like-a-bad-guy-but-cutely-silly namja.

gmz gak lo?

he is the youngest member so that he calls other members, hyung. jungkook apparently 2 years younger than me. huvt. why on earth must him that i fell for?

i've tried to sketch him, but its not finish yet, ill show you later.

after i completely fell for jungkook, i started to watch another BTS video. and they're just incredible. they're handsome, i dont care about the fact that they wear makeup. i mean who cares? since they sing and dance gorgeously beautiful.

i cant decide which is my favorite song, DNA is great

but i love Blood Sweat and Tears too

as much as i like Fire

and Go Go

intronya mirip shape of you-nya ed sheeran

i dont know either about their song and meanings, i just know that its fit to my ear and my eyes. please dont judge cuz i just yesterday afternoon fan. so would you guys accept me to become an ARMY?

*photo and gif credits: pinterest. 

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